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"Brosh Powder Magic" is a powder-type styling product designed to groom and style hair by creating fine projections on the hair surface.
The powder components form tiny protrusions on the hair surface, allowing the hair strands to interlock rather than stick together.
This interlocking effect adds three-dimensional volume, providing a naturally finished, softly voluminous hairstyle. Enjoy styling by crunching or twisting while seamlessly blending the powder into your hair.
The powder, resistant to falling off the hair, maintains styling efficacy and allows for multiple resets without weakening hold. Moreover, it blends well with the hair, ensuring a natural finish without conspicuous whiteness.

Experience an airy style distinct from pomade styles with the 'Powder Magic,' a 'magic powder for styling by interlocking hair strands.'

  • Provides a naturally light finish for a soft voluminous style.
  • Re-stylable, allowing for multiple adjustments.
  • Absorbs excess oil from the hair, offering a smooth matte finish.
  • Lifts the roots of fine, soft, and limp hair, providing a volumizing effect

Brosh Powder Magic


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