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The collaboration pomade with LOVE EAR ART was released in the US earlier this year.

Brosh Pomade's hand-drawn artwork, lettering and leopard pattern are a must-buy item for collectors.

It has a texture that has a stronger hold than the original pomade and better operability than the hard pomade, and the scent of apple cinnamon based on white musk and ambroxan is a playful scent reminiscent of American sweets.

As with last time, this will be a limited release only for the first production, so if you are looking for one, please purchase it as soon as possible.


Available in 4 oz full size tin.


A Japanese painter who has an outstanding presence in today's custom bike scene. The psychedelic art created from his unique aesthetic sensibility is highly acclaimed even in America, the home of the Chopper, and he has produced many paintworks both domestically and internationally.

Brosh x Love Ear Art Original Pomade


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